Design Lunatic

Design Lunatic Freebie: Content is King

Today, I’m releasing Design Lunatic’s first ever freebie: Content is King! It’s a minimalist wordpress theme, with a sticky sidebar and a nice background.

Useful WordPress Plugins

Wordpress plugins allow Wordpress to accomplish some amazing things. From SEO to typography, there is probably a Wordpress plugin that allows you to accomplish what you need. Take a look at this list to find some great Wordpress plugins. I’m sure that you will use at least one of these.

Dynamically Load WordPress Posts with jQuery

Today, I will show you how to dynamically load wordpress posts with jQuery’s .load function. Dynamically loading posts has many advantages and disadvantages over simply linking to the post page. It makes the page more dynamic, and decreases the wait time between the post preview and the actual post. However, this technique does have some […]