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HTML Starter Template

Whenever we designers start a new HTML/CSS project, we have to create a new HTML file, open it, and write in some basic code to get started. Next, we create a reference to a stylesheet. We then have to open up the stylesheet and type in a basic CSS reset. Today, I’ll share with you my personal starter template.

“End” Classes in Grid Systems and How To Get Rid Of Them

In my opinion, grid systems are great. They provide an easy way to get started with your next project, and can simplify the developing process behind a site by a lot. However, there are some problems associated with them. Most of them are subject for a seperate post, but today, we’ll go over one of the big ones: the required classes that signify the first and last elements in a row of elements.

Important HTML5 Elements and How You Should Use Them

I’m sure all of you know about HTML5, the new HTML spec. With HTML5, you can make your site more SEO-friendly as well as easier to code and to style. Today, we’ll go over the new HTML5 elements specifically made to help with semantics.


Well, I’m releasing an amazing new grid system today. It’s based on what I call the “rubber layout” system. There are 4 different layout types, and each one is optimized for different displays. There are also some starter styles. Check out the project page for more info.

Lake Tahoe

Today I was at Lake Tahoe,which is the reason I don’t have a full post today. However, to compensate for that, I have some great pictures…