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Web Apps Great for Web Developers and Designers

These apps are a great addition to any developer or designer’s toolbox.


Need to generate a nice grid? Well, this thing is for you. 960gs is a great option, but I prefer to go with this one because of the great generator for the grid they have there. Of course, you can always go with my personal grid, CSSWORK.

Adobe Kuler

I use this really often – Kuler is an adobe-made flash website where people upload color schemes. If you’re color-blind, I would suggest to go with this.


I’m sure everyone knows of CoffeeScript by now. This is a really popular little tool, where you can write “CoffeeScript”, and it will generate normal JavaScript for you. The reason this is so great is because the syntax is insanely simple. This is a great timesaver.


You all know Google, right? Of course you do, we aren’t cavemen. Well, imagine Google, except instead of searching the whole web, it searches icon sites. Need an icon? Open up IconFinder.


Wunderlist is a great task management app. Enough said.


Cacoo is a great wireframing/mockup app. This one is a little better than the rest because it has real-time collaboration. If you’re in a team with other designers, check this out.


This is another nice mock-up app. It’s got a great interface, where you can just drag ‘n drop elements onto the canvas. You can sign in with your google account, so no need to go through the hassle of creating an account.


You all know flash. Well, this is CSS3 flash. It is definitely lacking some features, but I’m sure they will get added later on.

Sencha Animator

I know this is a “Web App” list post, but this simply had to be mentioned. It is basically complete duplicate of Flash – just with CSS3 and a tiny bit of javascript. I’m serious, check this out.


WooRank is a free website analytics tool. However, it doesn’t give precise numbers – it’s more of a checklist for your website. Favicons, titles, SEO, headers, that sort of stuff.


Media Queries are really starting to get popular now. This is an app that allows you to check the exact breakpoints of your layout if you’re using media queries in it.