Design Lunatic


Well, I’m releasing an amazing new grid system today. It’s based on what I call the “rubber layout” system. There are 4 different layout types, and each one is optimized for different displays. There are also some starter styles. Check out the project page for more info.


  • David

    Looks great Alex, definitely one for the bookmark list… :)

  • Skategat

    Hi i’m a newbie and i don’t understand how to use this grid, there is a tutorial somewhere?Thanks

    • Alexandre Smirnov

      Simple! Just include the blucss.css file in your html file, and once you’ve done that, add the “blu_” classes to your html elements. BluCSS will take care of the rest.

  • Drat

    i am adding a blu_ class to image but it doesnt work. I included blucss with   . Text i write is responsive but the image isnt. Can you help me please? Thanks

    • Drat