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Useful WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins allow WordPress to accomplish some amazing things. From SEO to typography, there is probably a WordPress plugin that allows you to accomplish what you need. Take a look at this list to find some great WordPress plugins. I’m sure that you will use at least one of these.

This plugin improves WordPress’s default search functionality. By default, WordPress sorts the search results by date, rather than by relevance. Relevanssi is much smarter, and allow for a smart search on your post.

Advanced Excerpt
This adds to WordPress’s excerpt functionality: Mainly, you can use html in the excerpt.

Contact Form 7
This is quite possibly the best contact form plugin out there. If you need a simple, customizable contact page, this will undoubtedly be what you need.

SyntaxHighlighter Evolved
At a guess, I’d say that almost all of us knows what Alex Gorbatchev’s syntax highlighting jquery plugin is. It allows for super-simple code highlighting, and this plugin adds that functionality to WordPress.

Tabs In Editor
This is used in conjunction with the SyntaxHighlighter Evolved plugin above. It allows tabs in the post editor, which makes writing code much easier.

This adds some great typhography features to your site. For example, it automatically adjusts the quotes in wordpress to be “right” and “left” quotes, instead of just straight up. It also replaces subtraction signs with hyphens. Take a look at their site for a full list.

This makes your posts much more SEO-friendly. Mainly, it allows you to add separate meta information to every one of your posts.

WP Super Cache
This is exactly what its title says: It caches your site, which significantly decreases page load time.